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CE marking of ACL’s equipment.

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Company Policy Statement.


Our equipment is covered by both the Pressure Directive 97/23/EC and Machinery Directive 98/37/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council.


The equipment falls within the scope 97/23/EC under the classification of piping class 2 liquids where table 9 referred to in article 3, section 1.3(b) second indent is applicable. Under this table equipment is classified SEP (sound engineering practice) or category I. This points to the Machinery Directive 98/37/EC.


A declaration of incorporation is issued with all ACL supplied equipment, as in every case such equipment supplied by us cannot be used independently. Once the equipment is connected / assembled to form some system or machine such assemblies need to be declared in conformity with the necessary EC directive by the builder of the machine / system. (this is stated on the declaration of incorporation).


Our heavy-duty clamps can be used for applications in category II or above and/or with class 1 fluids. This subject to consultation with and approval of our technical department. Such application may cause equipment to fall within the Pressure Directive 97/23/EC. In such applications CE marking is necessary and a Declaration of Conformity shall be issued.


As ultimately all elements forming a machine / system shall comply with the relevant directive Advanced Couplings have taken a decision to CE mark certain clamps from within our range (SH & SSH types). This to assist the system / machine builders.


In all cases our technical files giving test pressure results, specifications etc. is available for inspection by the enforcing authorities.


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