Advanced Couplings are a specialist engineering company, manufacturing and supplying stainless steel tube connections to the Food, Pharmaceutical, Hospital and associated industries, where quality and precision are demanded.

As producers of tube/pipe connection systems with an international reputation, we cater for most standards used in the industry world-wide covering BS, DIN, ISO, SMS. We also provide a vast range of sizes used internationally which are outside the standards mentioned. Our comprehensive range of ancilliary items such as blanks, pipe hangers, hose tails and threaded adaptors etc are designed to complement the needs of our customers to provide quality installations.

Stainless Steel Tube Fittings


Advanced Couplings have many years of experience in the design, production and distribution of high quality stainless steel tube fittings and pipe connection systems.  The company was founded by Mr John J Henry and has gone from strength to strength, resulting in Advanced Couplings’ reputation for creating high standard products for use by the chemical, pharmaceutical and fluid handling industries.


Advanced Couplings’ are based in Keighley, West Yorkshire and our stainless steel tube fittings are manufactured in our purpose built factory in Roscommon, Ireland.  This factory has been fitted with the very latest in CAD and CNC production equipment, enabling Advanced Couplings to manufacture products that meet with the ever changing hygiene demands placed on fluid handling equipment.


Because Advanced Couplings’ stainless steel tube fittings and coupling products are distributed around the world, we stock all of the standard sizes commonly used in the European industries and we are also able to produce a huge range of international sizes.


Our range of stainless steel tube fittings and related products includes clamps, ferrules, gaskets, BSP adaptors, reducers and sight glasses along with a wide range of ancillary items.  Advanced Couplings are very proud of ourability to produce tailor-made products, manufactured to meet the unique requirements of different customers.


Advanced Couplings’ standard clamp range includes a light duty S Type Clamp, a normal/heavy duty SH Type Clamp and a heavy duty SSH Type Clamp.  The latest addition to the range is the addition of the SH Style Safety Clamp which has been produced using the template of the market leading SH Clamp.  Advanced Couplings have designed the SH Style Safety Clamp to improve the safety of operators who work with hazardous, high temperature steam lines.


Advanced Couplings manufacture a standard gasket range which includes Elastomer Gaskets, PTFE Solid and PTFE Envelope gaskets along with a range of gaskets manufactured from specialist compounds.


Advanced Couplings also offer a range of adaptors and hose-tails including a BSP Threaded Adaptor and a comprehensive selection of ferrule to hose-tail fittings.  All of our hose-tails are manufactured from solid 316L bar stock which offers the very best material properties and guarantees good, controllable surface finishes.


The Advanced Couplings’ range of stainless steel tube fittings includes ferrule ended Concentric and Eccentric Reducers, Pipe to Tube Reducers, Sterile Visual Flow Indicators, Full View Flow Indicators and a wide range of dairy and food pipe clips, all designed to meet the ever increasing hygiene demands of the fluid handling industries.


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